Ammunition is one of the most essential supplies that every player must gather in order to survive. It is used in weapons (except melee) and may vary depending on the type of weapon the player is holding.

Ammunition List

Image Name Capacity Used in
Pistol Ammo Pistol Ammo 0.6 G18C and Desert Eagle
Rifle Ammo Rifle Ammo 0.25 M4A1, AKM, AR15, M249, ACR, AN94, M14EBR, AUG
Sniper Rifle Ammo SR Ammo 0.5 SVD, AWM, QBU88, M110, AS VAL, BARRETT
SMG Ammo SMG Ammo 0.2 MP5, MP7, PP19, VECTOR, P90, Thompson
Shotgun Ammo SG Ammo 0.5 M870, M1887, AA12, WRO, SAIGA-12